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Lots of Bobbles (Milk Cartons)

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$28.00 AUD
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Milk Cartons full of bobbles! 

Enjoy receiving your colourful original bobbles in this super F U N packaging! 
You can choose which flavour bobble you would like
OR collect all the rainbow colours in one hit! 
Choose from an 8 pack - where you'll only pay for 7 
The Indulgent 16 pack - where (you guessed it!) you only pay for 14.
We figured it'd be nice to help spread the rainbow love this way.
Perfect for gifts, either to your mini or to another mini. 
Just contact us with your colour preferences if you'd like to pick and choose yourself, no problem! If you choose wisely, you may even be able to get a bobble for yourself - awesome!
Please note, that these milk cartons are only for the original 8 coloured bobbles : 
red bobble love, orange fanta grin, yellow brick road, gum ball green, blue light disco, patty pan purple, musk stick pink & top hat black. 
Share the bobble love, life is more F U N that way x